Lesley is Style Consultant offering in-person Shopping Coaching  services in the Greater Toronto Area and Virtual Styling Services around the globe.

She is a Certified Visual Brand Consultant, Certified Personal  Stylist  and Stylist on the Style Counsel app with a mission to    empower women through style. 

Prior to launching Working Look, Lesley spent 10 years as a  communications expert, with roles including Media Relations  Manager for Canada's premier casino and Senior Communications   Consultant in government. In her corporate life, Lesley advised clients on how to deliver clear and effective messages to target audiences to position themselves positively. She now brings that expertise to the messages women send to the world, and themselves, through style.

Lesley believes that, while style is far from the most important aspect of a personality, it is by far the easiest factor to change. Helping clients transform their personal style often paves the way for more profound transformation.

Lesley holds a Masters of Arts and Journalism and Honor's B.A. from the University of Western Ontario.