Mission and Values

Mission: To make women feel inspired when they look in their closets and empowered when they look in their mirrors.

Working Look Values

Every body is beautiful:  Every body is worth showcasing. It’s time to stop measuring our worth against photo-shopped artwork and celebrate the body we have.

Every age is worth celebrating: Beauty doesn’t have an expiry date; a Working Look makes the most of every age we’re lucky enough to experience.

Confidence is a political statement: In a culture that shames women for natural bodies and aging, taking pride in your appearance is an act of rebellion that leaves a more positive legacy for our daughters.

Less is more:  In today’s fast fashion world, we have too many clothes and not enough style. We’re trained by commercial culture to chase what’s new and accumulate quantity over quality. Developing a Working Look helps you get more joy from less clothing.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood 

4 thoughts on “Mission and Values

  1. I really need to know how to start from scratch with a new working wardrobe. I have read all your articles but what I would like to know is how the best online shopping site for good pieces of clothing that I can wear to the office but also wear out.


    1. Hi Zoe – thanks for the question. The best online site will depend on your budget and personal tastes. From the perspective of variety, shipping and return policies, department stores usually offer the best online shopping experience because they usually don’t charge shopping (or have low shipping) and returns are easy. Since fit is so crucial to style, I always buy online knowing that the probability of returns is high. In Canada, Hudsons Bay has one of the best shipping/return policies out there (and merchandise comes shockingly fast), but Saks 5th Avenue and Nieman Marcus also serve the Canadian shopper very well, offering duty-free shopping and access to a much broader range of designers.

      Are you in Canada?

      Are you in a new workplace or starting a new career? Is your workplace business casual?

      One of my favourite work-to-play pieces is a day dress, along the lines of a wrap dress in a comfortable jersey. Day dresses, if you like wearing them, offering excellent utility as they can be dressed up or down. They also offer a complete outfit in a single garment, which makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.

      Tell me more about your style challenge – I’m happy to help.


    2. Starting from scratch with a new micro wardrobe is a great opportunity to define your style anew.

      Assuming you want to get a lot of value/use out of each piece, and minimize your upfront costs, it helps to plan out the wardrobe in advance and buy garments that all coordinate together for the maximum amount of outfits.

      A great start for a new working wardrobe would be three bottoms, five tops and one or two layering pieces (such as a cardigan or blazer).

      Ensure there is variety in each of the pieces to create more diverse looks. For example, instead of buying multiple pairs of dark pants, opt for one black dress pant, one black pencil skirt and one bottom in a print.

      Pick tops that work with each bottom, or at least plan for MOST tops work with MOST bottoms (you may find a printed shirt that looks great with your two solid bottoms, but not with the printed one, but the coordination value for that piece would still be high if it works with both bottoms and the layering pieces).

      Make sure there’s good variety amongst the tops (different colours, necklines, cuts) to keep things interesting and then alternate which tops you use the layering pieces on a weekly basis.

      If you follow this formula, you can get a great deal of looks out of just nine or ten pieces, some of which you probably already have in your wardrobe.



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