In-Person Shopping Coach

In-Person Shopping Coach (Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario)

 Is it time to improve your relationship with shopping?

How would you like to walk into a boutique and instinctively gravitate to the pieces that flatter your figure and bring you joy?

If shopping isn’t as productive or inspiring as you want it to be, than this in-person session is for you!

Merging the personal shopping experience with styling tutoring, Shopping Coaching sessions provide both great outfit options and skill building to improve your relationship with shopping forever.

What you get

  • A Skype consultation with Lesley to discuss your style goals and shopping challenges
  • Two hours of in-person, guided shopping support, including multiple fittings
  • Several wardrobe recommendations, pre-selected and waiting for you in stores

 How it works

This is not a casual stroll through the mall! You’ll enjoy a robust itinerary of stores to visit where pre-selected pieces will be waiting for your fittings.  You will trying on pre-selected garments (and likely some pieces we find on the fly) to learn how to master fit, outfit coordination and color choices.

At the end of the session, you will have several great options available for purchase, plus a renewed approach to shopping and create flattering outfits.

Shopping Coaching is currently available at Square One (Mississauga, Ontario) or Bramalea City Centre (Brampton, Mississauga).

Lesley invests a minimum of three hours into research and preparation in advance of your session to ensure our time together is productive and loaded with coaching value.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not close to Mississauga or Brampton. Are Shopping Coaching sessions available at other locations?

At this time, sessions are only available in the Peel Region area. If there is an alternative mall you would prefer to meet up at in the general vicinity, please contact me to discuss.

Coaching sounds great, but I really just want you to find me great outfits. Is this package right for me?

Yes. We’ll clarify your goals in our Skype chat to help you get the most out of our time together. If you prefer less emphasis on chat and more outfit options, we’re happy to accommodate.

Will I be pressured to purchase clothing during the session?

No. In fact, I recommend using our time together to focus on fittings and identifying the best options, rather than spending time at the cash register. When we part at the end of the session, you will be in the mall with a list of what worked best for you. You can go back and purchase items at your leisure.

How many stores will we visit? How many outfits can we expect try on?

This depends somewhat on your preferred approach to evaluating clothing, which we can talk about in your Skype consultation. Clients who like to take their time trying things on and discussing the results get less fittings, but more tutoring than clients who prefer to move quickly from change room to change room. You can to visit a minimum of three boutiques, trying on several items at each.

Session is $550 CAD.

Contact us for more information.