Wardrobe Challenge | Assess Your Style "Hits and Missses"!

It's official ... summer is OVER!

As sad as it is to see the end of goregous weather, the joy of cozy, layered fall fashion lies ahead!  Before you spend a small fortune on delightful new styles, take this week's wardorbe challenge with me to consider what worked (and what didn't) in your summe style! 

The key to crushing your style goals this season is understanding the hits and misses of last season.

In today's tutorial, I'm challenging you to review your summer style and ask yourself the following questions: 

1) What worked? 
2) What didn't? 
3) What does this tell you about your "right now" style? 


I'm taking the challenge with you! WATCH NOW to see my reflections on my summer style (and catch the outtakes when a surprise guest drops by the set). 

Wardrobe Challenge