How to Pick a Holiday Outfit You’ll Still Want to Wear in the New Year

According to a British study, women put an exorbitant amount of effort into finding the right holiday outfit. On average, deciding what to wear involves three in-person shopping trips, two hours of online browsing, seven outfit fittings, two returns and seven discussions with friends.

We also spend big bucks to get it right. Between the dress, accessories and updating hairstyles, Good Housekeeping UK reports that women spend about $600 (adapted to $CAD) on their office Christmas Party look.

Spending that kind of time and money on an outfit you’ll only wear once is a major waste of limited wardrobe resources. Consider these four key tips to find holiday outfits you’ll still want to wear when the calendar flips over to 2018.

1) Choose separates instead of a special occasion dress. A full-length cocktail dress may be a classic choice for New Years’ Eve, but is unlikely to be worn the rest of the year. Opting for luxe separates instead, such as a velvet skirt, sequined top and embellished blazer, is a strategic way to rock holiday style while benefiting your day-to-day wardrobe. You can pair luxe pieces together for an ultra glam holiday combination and restyle each piece with denim and other neutrals to create a variety of wearable looks

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2) Think long-term. Before pulling the trigger on a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve look, ask yourself, “will I wear this three months from now?”. Choose classic pieces or prevailing seasonal trends over garments that only work during the holidays. For example, metallic clothing and red ensembles both happen to be huge trends for the fall/winter season. Clothing in these shades brings a festive flair to your holiday wardrobe that still looks fresh on Boxing Day. In contrast, the ugly Christmas sweater that made everyone giggle at the office holiday party is probably only good for one laugh.

3) Think outside the (holiday) box. Traditional evening wear isn’t the only way to glam up your style. Expand your sartorial boundaries by experimenting with eye-catching trends you’ve admired but were nervous to try. Take advantage of the season’s expanded dress code to copy your favourite 2017 Instagram look, be it a tulle skirt and blazer, fishnets under ripped denim or the Teddy Bear sweaters all the ‘it girls’ have been bundled in this fall.

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4) Consider consignment. When looking for an outfit that’s outside your regular wardrobe needs, consignment and thrift stores ease the wallet strain. You may never you’re the elbow-length gloves you picked up for New Years’ again, but it won’t sting so much if you only paid a fraction of retail costs for them. The other great thing about consignment stores is that, if you do splurge on one-night-only clothes, you can reclaim a portion of your investment by consigning your outfit afterwards!

Check out the Pinterest Board for more alternative holiday outfits!

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Lesley Elizabeth is a Style Consultant who helps women unlock their style potential. Learn more at or check out her YouTube channel for tips on getting maximum style from a minimal wardrobe.