Styling the Super Sexy TRIANGLE Body Shape


The triangle shape, also known as a pear, is characterized by hips that are larger than your shoulder/bust line. The triangle body is larger below the waist than above. Shoulders tend to be narrow and/or sloping with a small to average bust. Triangles tend to gain weight in their hips and buttocks.

This very feminine shape is the most common female body type and a cultural ideal among many.


Styling Tips

  • Accept alterations as part of life, especially for bottoms. It will be hard to find off-the-rack skirts and pants that accommodate your hips/bottom while contouring to your waist. Buy bottoms that fit your hips and have them taken in at the waist when necessary - it's a small price to pay for killer curves
  • Create balance by highlighting your upper half with bold colors, prints and interesting details.  Keep your lower half more muted with solids.
  • Create balance by choosing skirts and dresses that skim over hips and thighs. Maxi dresses, “fit and flare” and A-line styles are all great options.
  • If amplifying your curvy bits is the goal, tight, hip-hugging styles, like pencil and tube skirts, will amplify the width of your lower body.
  • Maximizing the bust creates visual balance. Padded and push-up bras are an excellent option as are ruffles and other volume-adding embellishments over the bust.
  • Outfits with waist definition will make you look slimmer by highlighting a smaller part of your body.

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