Reflections from a Closet Cleanse

This weekend has been all about spring cleaning, with most of the focus being put  on detoxing my “backup” closet.


While I’m fanatical about removing EVERYTHING from my closet that isn’t currently serving me, my storage closet (where I hide out-of-season and special occasion pieces) is a completely different story.

This weekend, I decided to be as relentless about detoxing my backup closet as I am my primarily one. My rules  I will be excited to wear when the weather changes get to stay, but everything I'm holding on just because it feels too hard to throw away has to go. 

One of the great benefits of a closet cleanse is that I always learn something about myself in the process. How I've changes an important lesson in the process: some garments, just like some people, hobbies and habits, are only meant to serve us for a limited time.

I’m definitely a capsule wardrobe girl at heart, meaning I emphasize quality over quantity and aim to only buy multi-functional pieces that WORK for the long term. As such, detoxing pieces that are still in good condition sometimes feels like a #wardrobefail.

What I realized over the weekend, however, is that the garments that are wrong for me today were absolutely RIGHT for me when I bought them, it’s just that I’ve become a better, bolder version of the woman I used to be! 

Sometimes, even the PERFECT outfit (or friend, or home, or interest) was always destined to be a transitional one. We need to acknowledge our journey and accept that some things are just there to nudge us forward. Before we know it, we’re looking back wondering why we ever needed that nudge in the first place, but the fact is, we did. It was a bridge … a guide … a piece of armor … and the fact that we don’t need it anymore is evidence of our progress (not a mistake). 

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