Inside My Fall Micro Capsule Wardrobe

Want a major style transformation with minimal investment? 

How about a wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy and intuitive? What if you couldelevate your style without raising your seasonal shopping budget?
The 10-piece Micro Capsule Wardrobe is my secret formula to make that happen! 

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Personally, I think it’s the most accessible and affordable way to elevate your style.

In today’s video, I’m taking you inside my micro capsule for fall. Check out what I’m wearing in my business professional life and the style principles I used to put the wardrobe together.

A 10 -piece capsule isn’t designed to meet all your wardrobe needs for a season - and there’s no “rules” capping your purchases or preventing you from wearing other outfits.

What is IS designed to do is help you think clearly about your desired Working Look and plan for style that reflects it! 

Micro Capsule Wardrobe