HOW TO MIX BOLD COLORS | 5 Ways to Make it Work!

Mixing Bold Colors

These days, the bolder the better when it comes to color combinations! 

If so, you're missing out! These days, the bolder the better when it comes to color combinations! 

If you're a Maturista, like I am, the color style rules you grew up with and internalized are OUT OF DATE. 

I'm no exception. The first fashion "rule" I ever learned is that "red and pink clash". This fashion insight steered me away from bold color combinations for a very long time.

Today, red + pink = THE COLOR COMBO OF THE SEASON. In fact, the combo is so commonplace these days that Vogue called it the new black and white

It seems all the color styling "truisms" are being challenged these days.

Black + navy??? Chic. 

Pink and green?? Happening.

Lime green, sky blue and "luscious lavender" for autumn? Welcome to the changing colors of fall 2018! 

Even the refined style of Victoria Beckham is heavily influenced by unconventional color pairings! 

Victoria Beckham - Bold Color Combinations

So if red + pink is practically a neutral at this point, what guidelines should we follow to make sure our color combining is on point? What should we keep in mind to keep the look chic? 

In this weekend's video, I'm reviewing five principles that will have you styling bold new color combinations in no time.  

The future of fashion is bold and colorful. WATCH NOW to avoid being struck in the past! 

Style Challenge | How to Mix Bold Colors Together in an Outfit