Fall Opulence at Zara

Is it just me, or is Zara making maximalist, indulgent style an absolute MUST this season?

As a capsule wardrobe advocate, I’m usually reluctant to get carried away by statement trends … especially those that are likely to date themselves before I have time to grow bored of them.

Zara Fall Collection - Maximalist Style

I’m not a fan of fast fashion retailers in general, in particular the “micro-season” industry leaders like Zara, H&M and Forever21. To the best of my recollection, I’ve only bought one garment in my entire lifetime from the ubiquitous Zara, but I have to admit, this season just might convert me.

While I’m loosely “minimalist” in my approach to wardrobing, my aesthetic has never been, which makes me somewhat of an anomaly among capsule wardrobe fans. A wardrobe built around monochromatic basics, like jeans, tee-shirts and trainers, just ain't my thing. I'm too attracted to interesting fabrics, rich colors, bold print and, more recently, unexpected mash-ups of all three.

You know those outfits you see and think, "Who would have ever thought that would work together?". Those are the kind of outfits I'm digging at the moment. 

Gucci - Fall 2017 Maximalist Style

I got a rush of adrenaline when Gucci unveiled their maximist fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection several months ago and now it seems Zara is taking their inspiration (cough, cough) exceptional well this season. I’m now entirely convinced that wearing a geisha-inspired kimono is the perfect everyday piece for my suburban mom lifestyle.

Zara-Robe-Fall-2017The pieces offer an escape from the everyday. They're a wearable way to turn suburban motherhood into Versailles-inspired living. There's something about embroidered, embellished, bejeweled, velvet and jewel tone pieces … particularly when they’re all mixed together in an sartorial orgy of over-indulgence, that feels very refreshing among the sea of grey and black basics that dominate the suburban sartorial landscape.







Perhaps I'll reconsider my fast fashion grudge this season. Either that or start saving now for a Gucci original next season.


Check out Zara's Opulent Fall Fashion pinterest board for the best of the collection.