Dressing the hot, athletic INVERTED TRIANGLE Body Shape

Triangle-Body-Shape-Styling-TipsThe inverted triangle shape, also known as a diamond, is characterized by a wider shoulder and/or bust line with narrow hips and  minimal waist indentation.

This shape’s upper body is proportionately larger than the lower half.  Women with this shape gain weight in their upper body first (e.g. arms and chest) while boasting relatively slim hips and legs.

Great gams are often your best asset.

This body type often looks athletic. The fit inverted triangle body showcases clothes very nicely and  is a common body shape among runway models.

Styling Tips

  • Balance can be achieved with fuller-shaped skirts and wide-leg trousers while avoiding tapered styles.
  • Skirts and dresses that flare out below the hip (e.g. “fit and flare” styles) add curves to your lower half.
  • More than any other shape, you can rock bright colors and prints on the lower half of your body (you supermodel, you).
  • Avoid tops and jackets that add volume. Frills, ruffles, poof sleeves, overly blouson styles, large lapels and double breasted jackets all make you look bigger on top, throwing off visual harmony.
  • You look great in almost any pant, including styles that are difficult for the majority of women, such as gauchos, capris and harem pants.

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