Body Shape 101 - The Keep it Simple Guide to Showing Off What Your Mama Gave You


The single most important factor in dressing well is choosing clothing that compliments your body shape. While no two bodies are precisely the same, every woman can advance her style by following tips for one of the five primary body shapes.

It's true that not every body matches exactly to one of the five primary shapes. If you're really keen, you could spend hours seeking out the precise geometric shape (round/rectangle), fruit (banana/apple) or dinning piece (spoon/champagne flute) that matches your body today (then do it again in a few years after having kids, losing weight, aging etc). 

My approach to style, however, is always to simplify.

Whatever your body shape, more ideal proportions will always be achieved by following one or more of these styling goals: 

1) Maintaining balanced proportions (hourglass tips)

2) Creating waist definition and a more curvaceous silhouette (rectangle tips)

3) Balancing and/or camouflaging fuller hips and bootie (triangle tips)

4) Balancing and/or camouflaging broad shoulders and/or a larger upper body (inverted triangle tips)

5) Camouflaging a full midriff (round tips)

The goal is always to use clothing to create a more hourglass-like silhouette (even when you have an hourglass silhouette).  We achieve this be defining the waistline and balancing the upper and lower proportions of your figure.

It's really that simple. 

Determine which of the primary body shapes shares the same styling objectives as you and you'll be well on your way to slaying personal style!

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