6 Style Lessons From a 6-Year-Old's Capsule Wardrobe

I feel so strongly about the utility of a well-thought out Micro Capsule Wardrobe that I created one for my daughter.


Being rough on their clothes, kids can’t quite pull off a minimal wardrobe in the same way that most adults can, but a Micro Capsule Wardrobe is a great solution to update their wardrobe while simplifying the morning routine with pieces that all work together. 

Lexia turns six this month and, as if on cue, has suddenly outgrown traditional “kid’s” clothing. Disney characters, ribbons and rainbow polka dots are "out"; completed looks and adult accessories are suddenly "in". 

Lexia's new 9-piece capsule is inspired by layered looks and a ‘mix it up’ aesthetic. A boy’s chambray shirt pairs with a floral party dress and fur vest; a metallic moto jacket layers over girly looks for a little edge.  

Her wardrobe consists of these pieces, which you can view in her lookbook:

  • Metallic moto jacket
  • Faux fur vest
  • Bell sleeved neutral shirt
  • Chambray shirt (can be worn as dress, tunic or top)
  • Ditsy-print floral shirt
  • Faux suede rose pants
  • Brown suede booties
  • Leopard print skirt
  • Floral party dress


Although designed for a little girl, this capsule embodies style principles that work for women of all ages. Here’s the top six styling tips from my six-year old’s capsule:    

1) Add core statement pieces | Choose a few statement pieces that define your style vibe for the season. A faux fur vest and metallic Michael Kors moto jacket bring a defining, street style, edge an otherwise traditionally girly wardrobe. These pieces instantly change her style vibe, elevating looks from “sweet and girly” to “modern and cool”.


2) Mix up masculine & feminine pieces | A simple recipe for an interesting outfit is to pair a “masculine” piece, such as a button up shirt or moto jacket layered over extra girly party dress.


3) Mix up formal and casual | Break through wardrobe humdrum by mixing up pieces that traditionally don’t “go” together. Street style over the last decade has smashed apart the pairing paradigms of the past. Today, an ultra femme dress pairs seamlessly with an edgy moto jacket; dressy outfits pair with trainers or casual boots for low-key vibe. 

4) Leverage the power of “neutral prints” | Neutral prints is my term for patterns that work with virtually anything, including other prints (see my video tutorial here). True neutrals are classic prints like plaid, polka dots and stripes, but animal prints are second in line in terms of versatility. I’ve mixed Lexia’s leopard skirt with a ditsy print blouse to bring just the right dose of “extra” to her collection.  


5) Add utility and dimension with layers | Layering with easily removable pieces is a stylish way to prepare your child for the temperature fluctuations throughout the day. For Lexia’s wardrobe, we’re not stopping at just one layer. Taking inspo from Pinterest (see lookbook for examples) we're layering with both the vest and moto jacket for added warmth and visual interest. 

6) Invest in multi-use pieces | Maximize your investment with pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. For example, Lexia's extra-long chambray shirt can be styled as a top, tunic or a lightweight jacket.


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