4 Style Secrets to Steal from Maturista Sophie Fontanel


Sophie Fontanel - Fashion Influences

There's a new mid-fifties style icon on the rise ... one with an off-beat, eclectic style that smashes preconceived notions of "mature fashion" .

At 56, Sophie Fontanel has become a major instagram influencer, attracting a following of more than 150K fans with quirky selfies and a contagious joy of style.   

Sophie Fontanel is a fashion journalist, former fashion editor of French Elle and author of several novels. Never one to conform to expectations about how a woman of a given age should live, her most well-known book is an intimate memoir about years of self-imposed celibacy, The Art of Sleeping Alone

It's always refreshing to see a Maturista breaking style expectations and having a blast doing it! 

On the Working Look YouTube channel this week, I'm reviewing four key Maturista style principles to steal from this icon!

1) Play with proportions: Who doesn't love the feeling of an oversized garment? Super-sized pieces offer visual interest, a great drape and a comfortable fit, but they also drown out the figure and can look a bit sloppy if not styled carefully. Sophie keeps the look of oversized pieces on point with waist-defining belts and by pairing with a fitted piece.  

Sophie Fontanel - Proportions

2) Have eclectic style influences: Don't be afraid to express the different sides of your style personality. Sophie often channels the decades of her youth (60's/70's), while also embracing influences from Hollywood's golden era, modern trends and vintage chic. Don't limit yourself to one style personality. 

Sophie Fontanel - Mixed Fashion Influences

3) Mix it up: What Fontanel does so well is mix up dressy and casual pieces, as well as high-end with low-end pieces, for energized and unique looks. This is the woman who made flip flops with polished outfits a Vogue-approved fashion trend! 

Sophie Fontanel - Mix  it Up Style

4) Mix up bold colors: One of the easiest ways to add visual interest and energy to your existing wardrobe is to pair bold colors together in unexpected ways. Check out my video on bold color-mixing for tips on how to pull this off. 

Sophie  Fontanel - Color  Mixing

Check out the video to learn more. 

Maturitsa Style Secrets to Steal - Sophie Fontanel