3 Ways to Stay Psyched for Spring (on a Wintery Weekend)

Spring-Style-Red-PantsThe Toronto area is under a “severe weather watch” this weekend. After a long work week, family time is marred by freezing rain, icy conditions and being stuck indoors!

At times like these, the spring lifestyle I've been fantasizing about seems further away than ever. It  would be so easy to resign myself to defeat by way of staying in my PJ's, eating snacks in front of netflix and otherwise undermining my goals for the season.

There  is another option, however. When nature isn't participating in your fashion/fitness/lifestyle goals, use these off days to prepare, clarify your vision and get inspired! 


3 Ways to Stay Psyched for Spring 

1) Prepare the Sanctuary | A cold, rainy weekend is the perfect time for spring cleaning! Use your time stuck indoors to clear out the winter clothes that WON’T be making a return next year and set up your closet (or perhaps your patio) for the great season ahead!
2) Define Your Vision | Whether we’re talking style or lifestyle, this is the perfect time to get intentional about how you want to live this season. #Spring2018 only comes ONCE in your lifetime; define your bucket list (or shopping list) now and set a plan in place to achieve it!
3) Inspire Yourself | Even if you can’t WEAR your spring wardrobe yet, you can still indulge in the fun ahead with a Pinterest board or vision board of how you’ll roll when the sun finally comes out! 

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