3 Tips for a Stylish 2018


Happy New Year!

It's the time of the year dedicated to transformations and new beginnings. 

What we wear is often overlooked as a catalyst for achieving bigger goals, but study after study demonstrates that style matters when it comes to making changes. 

"Enclothed cognition" describes the influence that clothes have on our psychological processes. The simple act of changing one's clothes has been shown to boost concentration, improve test performance, influence how "powerful" we perceive ourselves to be and even increase hormone production! 

Whatever your goals for 2018, setting aside time at the beginning of the year to construct a complementary image is a wise investment. The best part is, upgrading your image doesn't have to cost you a penny. Follow these three steps to set yourself up for a stylish New Year! 


1) Clean out your closet | A disorganized, chaotic closet is the main style barrier I see in the women I work with. Most of my clients have good style instincts and own several great pieces, but their closets are over-stuffed and illogically arranged.
Space is wasted on clothing that is too small, too big, out-of-season and in need of repair. Weeding through all these "no go" pieces is a waste of mental energy. Your closet should be set up to serve your day-to-day needs based on your lifestyle TODAY.
A well-organized closet makes it intuitive to pull pieces that coordinate beautifully together and reflect your style. The good news is, you don't need to set aside a lot of time to benefit from a more organized closet. My tutorial video How to Detox Your Closet in 15 Minutes demonstrates a super fast approach to get er done today! 
2) Define Your Style Vision | The best way to keep your style on track all year long is to start with a "style vision". This is a matter of clarifying  your focus so you know exactly what you want your style too be in a given season.  
By having a clearly articulated vision, such as "bohemian glam", "low-key luxe" or "creative professional", you'll know exactly what pieces to gravitate towards in stores (and what pieces you should walk right by), saving you time, money and the stress of a schizophrenic wardrobe.  
Many women buy clothes as individual items without considering how they fit in with the rest of their wardrobe or bring an overarching vision to life. Check out my video tutorial for a simple 3-step process to identify your style vibe today
3 | Plan out your outfits in advance | Perhaps the quickest way to up your style game is to plan out your outfits the night before. Chances are, you already have great pieces in your wardrobe, but you're not always be taking the time to style them in new ways or accessorize them to their full potential. 
Dedicating a few minutes in the evening to creating the next morning's outfit is a great way to avoid, what I call, "morning rush style sabotagers". These include the pressure to pick something as quickly as possible, multitasking while getting ready, and the instinct to opt for comfort and convenience over style when feeling tired and stressed about the day ahead. 
Choosing your outfits the night before affords you the time you need to put that little extra effort into your look. It also streamlines your morning routine to reduce the stress, providing lasting benefits all day long. 


If you want to make this year more productive, inspired and joyful than the one before, consider how style can help you. As reviewed in Don't Make a New Years Resolution This Year - Do This Instead, implementing small productive habits is often a better foundation for lasting change than strict rules or fragile "resolutions". So get in the habit of practicing the simple steps above and get ready for your most stylish year yet! 

 Lesley Elizabeth is a Certified Personal Stylist & Image Consultant helping women unlock their full potential with affordable Micro Capsule Wardrobes. Start your style transformation today with a FREE discovery call