About Me


Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Lesley.Profile

I’m a Certified Image Consultant and Visual Brand Consultant who is passionate about the transformative power of clothing.

Clothing is our second skin; what we choose to wrap ourselves in sends a strong message about who are.

Upgrading your style is a great way to shake things up. It can dramatically change the way others perceive you and even how you see yourself.

Clothes can be magical, but chasing happiness in endless shopping trips is illusory.

In today’s fast fashion culture, most women have too many clothes and not enough style. The fashion industry drives us to jump on every trend, promoting a perpetual cycle of consuming low-quality, ethically-questionable and disposable clothing.

Great style comes from a deep understanding of what works best for you.  It’s about loving every garment you own and feeling inspired every time you look in your closet.

Working Look is dedicated to helping women get more joy out of less clothing.