About Lesley

I’m Lesley. LesleyHudsonHeadshot

I’m a Certified Image Consultant, Certified Visual Brand Consultant and Style Counsel Stylist with a passion for the transformative power of clothing.

Before venturing into the domain of personal style, I spent 10 years as a professional communicator, with roles including Media Relations Manager for Casino Rama and Communications Advisor in a Regional Government.

I’ve also studied communications academically, earning an Honor’s B.A. in Media Studies and a Masters of Arts and Journalism. Through this experience, I discovered that it’s the interpersonal communication between individuals that fascinates me most.

I’ve witnessed unqualified people thrive and qualified ones flounder due to the way they present themselves to the world. While style is far from the only factor influencing how others perceive us, it’s unquestionably the easiest one to change. We all have to get dressed every day; why not choose pieces that reinforce our best attributes?

Clothing is our second skin; what we wrap ourselves in sends a strong message about who are. Upgrading your style can dramatically change the way others perceive you and, most importantly, how you see yourself.

Working Look is dedicated to helping women leverage the influence of personal style to achieve their goals.