How to Reinvent Your Style | Part 2: Define Your Style Vision

Every now and then, we take stock of our personal style and realize it’s no longer working for us.

We recognize that how we’re presenting ourselves to the world is no longer congruent with the woman we’re becoming.

At this stage, it’s easy to become attracted to clothing simply because it’s “new”. The solution to our style growth always seems to be just one purchase away.  If we can just squeeze in one more shopping trip … nail one more cute outfit … or claim the aspirational new “it bag” as our own … style nirvana will be ours.

The problem is, when we don’t know what precisely we want, it’s impossible to get it. And so we burn through money and trendy new pieces in a haphazard attempt to stumble upon a satisfactory signature style.

This is the wrong approach. Signature style doesn’t happen by accident  – and it isn’t waiting for you at the mall. Developing an image to help steer your life in the right direction takes focus and planning.

In today’s video, I’m outlining an incredibly simple process to get crystal clear about your style vision.

Having a clear vision makes shopping more streamlined and intuitive, guiding you towards the pieces that support your new life goals (and away from those that don’t).

Watch the video


This video is Part 2 in my Reinvent Your Style with a Micro Capsule Wardrobe series. These weekly tutorials compliment the DIY Workbook to walk you through the steps of revamping your style, from clarifying your style vision, all the way through to building a micro capsule wardrobe of pieces you love!

Get the Reinvent Your Style with a Micro Capsule Wardrobe Workbook today!

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