How to Slay Spring Style (when it’s still cold out)

Happy “spring forward” weekend!

What Daylight Savings Time steals from us in sleep and relaxation, it makes up for in the promise that #SpringIsComing.

I celebrated this milestone by flipping my closet over to my spring wardrobe this weekend, only to wake up to a 3-inch blanket of snow the next day.

It’s a trying time of year for both our psyche and our style. Inside the stores, it’s all ruffles, shoulder-barring tops and bright colors – but outside, it’s just sludgy streets, bitter winds and grey skies.

If you’re anything like me (moody, restless and Canadian), the thought of wearing your winter wardrobe another five weeks makes you shiver more than the minus 10 degree weather outside.

These transitional style hacks will keep your spirits up until the sun comes out. 

Bright coats: Nothing energizes an outfit like color. Try Swapping out your black parka for a bright coat.

Colorful Coat

Long-sleeve shirts under sleeveless dresses: This pragmatic trend has been around for several seasons. Use it to get your spring dresses back into the rotation now.

Shirt Under Dress

Socks with sandals: There’s something refreshing about breaking a fashion taboo that’s as old as you are – especially when it offers a practical solution to mid-season dressing. Socks with sandals was a top shoe trend for spring 2017, even for men.


Spring colors (grounded with neutrals): The stores (and perhaps your closet) are now filled with spring brights, but somehow coral pants and a pastel blouse can seem inappropriate at Mother Nature’s next blizzard party. Try anchoring your spring brights with neutrals to create mid-season harmony.


Culottes with boots: Add boots to make culottes a pragmatic option. You can always slip into a different shoe when you reach your destination to further lighten the vibe.


Maxis with sweaters: It’s my personal belief that slipping into a maxi dress instantly lowers anxiety levels. It’s a symbolic commitment to keep it light, no matter what the day throws at you. Find your zen sooner than later by pairing a maxi skirt or dress with chunky sweaters, bombers and moto jackets.

MaxiSkirtSweaterNeed more mid-season inspiration? Check out the Pinterest board.

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