Fall Capsule Wardrobe “Rules”

Recently I outlined why I’m gutting my capsule wardrobe to about half its usual size. It’s an experiment to see if a more minimalist wardrobe will maximize my productivity in other areas. 

Over the last few days, I’ve been editing and rehabilitating my wardrobe …. sewing a button on a sweater here … having a waistline taken in there … and otherwise making sure the garments remaining in my closet are ones I’ll want to wear regularly for the next three months.

I’ve also finalized my capsule “rules”, which I will be living by for the next three months.


33 Pieces: I’m taking everything out of my closet except 33 core pieces, including tops, bottoms, layering pieces, footwear and outerwear.

No Shopping: From now until the new year,  I’m on a complete fashion shopping ban!

Replacements Permissible: If a garment is damaged or otherwise becomes unwearable, I’m can replace it with another item I already own (but no shopping). This includes replacing my fall jackets with winter ones and swapping a pair of shoes for boots if the snow falls before the end of the year. As Courtney Carver says on her inspirational blog Project 333, “this is not a project in suffering”. The goal is simpler, more mindful living … not self-oppression.

The Freebies: Like most capsule wardrobe formulas, I’m not counting workout wear, underwear, pajamas or lounge wear in my capsule (although I won’t be buying any new ones). With the exception of a new floppy hat, I’ve also chosen not to include accessories or jewelry in my capsule numbers (the hat counts because its a recent purchase). My accessory collections have always been minimal; selecting sunglasses from one of my four pairs, or grabbing a necklace from a half dozen options, doesn’t stress me out or cause decision fatigue. Instead, taking full advantage of my accessories will help keep my 33 piece wardrobe interesting and make a shopping ban more realistic.

The floppy hat, jumpsuit and animal print pumps – the first three pieces of my capsule wardrobe.  Stay tuned as I share all 33 pieces in my next post!

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