Why I’m Gutting My Wardrobe to 30 (ish) Pieces

I gravitate to solid principles; not hard and fast rules.

Nowhere is this more evident than in my approach to capsule wardrobes.

If you follow my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I’ve long been an advocate of the Capsule Wardrobe. I believe that thoughtful approach to shopping – guided by a defined style vision – is key to personal style.

But I’ve never been a wardrobe “rules” girl. For me, the key elements of capsuling are:

  1. Quality over quantity 
  2. An organized closet of highly coordinated pieces
  3. Thoughtful consumerism focused solely on pieces you love, will wear often and feel amazing in

Capsule wardrobeBeyond these key principles, I’ve never been particularly interested in capping the amount of garments in a capsule to seven, 33, 37 or any other common number.

I don’t promote, or follow, any ridged capsule wardrobe rules or limit myself to a specific number of capsule pieces.  This usually amounts a wardrobe of about 60+ pieces.

This flexible approach to the capsule wardrobe has several liberating benefits and I’ve found it entirely satisfactory – until now.

This season I’m getting a little more militant about my wardrobe, limiting myself to somewhere between 33-37 pieces for three months. Here’s what I expect to gain from the experiment:

More mental energy for passion projects: As a full-time working mom, time and energy are finite resources.  While capsuling curtails my shopping instincts, having no set wardrobe maximum means the closet door is always open to new possibilities. I may be conservative about the amount of clothing I actually buy, but I’ve been known to spends hours on end hunting down the perfect piece to fill a wardrobe gap. With shopping off limits for three months, I expect extra energy for other creative pursuits. 

More sartorial creativity: Significantly less clothing means I’ll need to work harder to keep things feeling fresh. I like that challenge. 

Breaking unconscious patterns: There are a few seldom-worn pieces in my wardrobe that I really love (at least in principle). Be it an unconscious instinct or sheer force of habit, it seems these pieces are consistently passed over in the morning rush. My plan is to create a fall capsule that includes some of these under-appreciated garments and, by virtue of having so little else to wear, force myself to experiment more with them.

A predictable budget: Clothing is my most variable monthly expense. Putting a three month halt on purchases means I can better focus on financial goals.

I know that many other women flirt with the idea of creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe – and a big part of my experiment is intended to share share weekly reflections and tips here on the blog and YouTube.

This weekend I am whittling down my wardrobe to 30-something pieces that will coordinate beautifully together and meet all my lifestyle needs from October through to the end of the year. Stay tuned for the low down on how it turns out! 

13 thoughts on “Why I’m Gutting My Wardrobe to 30 (ish) Pieces

  1. This is great! My whole wardrobe is at 36 pieces right now and I have to say downsizing your wardrobe in any way really does help you focus on what’s important. Some people fear it’s limiting, but it’s actually freeing!


  2. I’m working on a 30×30 challenge myself because I’m trying to ease into this capsule thing & the weather can be so varied here that I may need to make adjustments from October to December. Also I feel like doing these 30day challenges will help me pinpoint what pieces, styles, uniforms I really gravitate towards. I look forward to seeing what you select!

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    1. That’s a great approach. So true about our weather. I wanted to start my capsule at the beginning of September, but near 30’s here until just the last few days. A few weeks from now it could be snowing … it’s the Great Canadian Capsule dilemma!

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