Shop Your Closet: 60’s Icons Challenge

Shop your closet with a little inspiration from the past! In this video, I’m taking a look back at three 60’s style icons – Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy – to get a fresh perspective on our style today.

The challenge is to coordinate a new outfit inspired by one of our icons.

To take the challenge, pick an icon and review your wardrobe through their eyes. If the icon lived your life and had your body type, what would they coordinate from your current wardrobe to reflect their signature style?

The only rule for a Shop Your Closet (SYC) challenge is that you can’t buy new clothes to create your outfit!

This video is part of a new Slow Fashion Challenge series designed to help maximize the style magic in your capsule wardrobe.

Take the challenge and share your outfit ideas in the comments. I’m kicking some slang from the decade to help get us in the swinging 60’s mood. If you catch the references, note them in the comments!

60's Style Icons

Pinterest Inspo:

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