How to Shop Your Closet with the SHOP-C Method

Have you stopped being inspired by your current wardrobe?

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but a shortage of outfits you’re excited about wearing?

For most women, our closets represent thousands of dollars spent, not to mention hundreds of hours invested in shopping for and caring for our clothes. With all that investment, one would think that our wardrobes would be finely curated collections that bring us joy and inspiration every time we open our closet doors – but unfortunately, that is not usually the case.

Nothing to Wear Pile-Of-Clothes.jpgIn a consumer culture, we are conditioned to go out and purchase more pieces as a means of feeling inspired about our style again. Sometimes this works, especially if we shop strategically and purchase pieces that compliment our existing clothing. Too often, however, we end up back in the same place of style disillusionment a few weeks later – or worse, we’re even more frustrated weeding through additional clothing (and paying off bills) without feeling any better about our style.

This week, I’m challenging you to take a new approach to bringing back their style inspiration by “shopping your closet” with the SHOP-C method. SHOP-C is a creative prompt to approach your clothing from a new perspective and discover new outfit combinations.

S is for “sampling”: Try mixing and matching indiscriminately to break out of the habitual way you typically view and wear your clothing.

H is for “halves-ies”: This is a matter of breaking up the traditional combinations in your closet, be them formal pairings, like a suit, or items you always tend to wear together.

O is for “out-of-season”: Experiment with ways to wear out-of-season pieces in current temperatures to expand your outfit options.

P is for “print mixing”: Try mixing your print pieces together for unexpected and exciting new looks.

C is for “colour mixing”: Don’t play safe when it comes to colour. Opt for bolder pairings to reinvigorate your style.

SHOP-C is a helpful prompt to get you looking at old clothing in new ways, but it’s not an exhaustive account of the ways you to shop your closet. Help support other women by leaving your own tips in the comments section.

Tell us, what do you do to find new inspiration in your closet?

Try the SHOP-C challenge this week and share how it goes! What new outfits did you discover? What prompt helped you the most?

I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “How to Shop Your Closet with the SHOP-C Method

  1. This totally ties into the wardrobe challenge I’ve given myself! I take an item & try to come up with 3 looks. It’s been a great way to find new ways to wear pieces that don’t get enough love from my everyday wardrobe.

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