#WhoMadeMyClothes – The Fashion Revolution Lives On

While the week may be over, the sentiment of the week lives on. A real fashion revolution is not a mater of influencing our social media content for seven short days, but rather of influencing our choices all year long.

In this vlog, I wear my outfit inside out to answer the question #WhoMadeMyClothes and talk about the relationship between style, ethics and sustainability.

Find out who I’m wearing and why I think my brands of choice are good (or at least “better”) options for a more sustainable style.

Most importantly, let’s talk! Do you ask #WhoMadeMyClothes in making purchasing decisions? Do you think people should? Let’s talk!



2 thoughts on “#WhoMadeMyClothes – The Fashion Revolution Lives On

  1. I feel like you’ve really been moved by this tragedy. I’m pretty terrible when it comes to shopping sustainably, but am trying to get better. I’ve been doing more resale shopping recently because it’s a more budget friendly way for me to contribute to the sustainable movement.


    1. It’s a journey for me and I’m still in the early days, trying to make better decisions and picking pieces that offer greater longevity. It can be a challenge. The system we live in is set up to make purchasing cheap, disposable clothing so simple, effortless and intuitive. Unfortunately it still does take more effort, research and time to seek out more sustainable options and often there’s an extra expense to doing so (although consignment/thrift shopping can be a wonderful exception).

      But the most important thing we can do is simply to buy less items. We can do this without sacrificing any of our style joy if we make smarter decisions, waiting until we find pieces we really love rather than ‘filling the gap’ for the short-term with mediocre pieces we grow tired of in a few months. This approach is more sustainable but also results in more sophisticated style because we don’t settle for “good enough” and hold out for pieces we just love.

      Thanks so much for the comments!

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