The Psychology of a Stay-At-Home Capsule Wardrobe (Enclothed Cognition)

In today’s vlog, I’m taking you into a secret part of my closet, showing you the clothing most women hide. It’s all about our stay-at-home lounge clothes today and why we might want to invest more thought into what we wear around the house.

Research demonstrates that there is a strong relationship between what we wear and how we think and feel. The concept is known as “enclothed cognition”, meaning that the clothes we wear have a psychological influence on us.

What is the unconscious influence of your stay-at-home wardrobe? Would you design a capsule wardrobe expressly for lounge wear?

Let’s chat!

3 thoughts on “The Psychology of a Stay-At-Home Capsule Wardrobe (Enclothed Cognition)

  1. I completely believe enclothed cognition is real. I think everybody has a go to item that always makes them feel good about themselves & that confidence correlates to how well they face whatever challenge is laid out before them. It’s just like Cher failing her driving test in Clueless, her most capable shirt wasn’t clean 😉 I think it’s important to have clothes that I feel good in & good about myself in for all aspects of my life.


    1. That’s an interesting example you laid out regarding Cher’s capable shirt. On one hand, attributing this kind of power (or capability enhancement) to clothing is no doubt fallacious. On the other hand, where we can control this psychological affect to our benefit, it’s in our interest to do so.

      I kind of love that discussion evolved into a chat about Clueless!

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