Trend VS Trend: Embellishments on Handbags & Clothing

Would you decorate your handbag with a $2000 miniature replica?

Will you be wearing daytime sequins this Spring?

Joint the discussion as I share my take on these hot spring trends!

The Trend VS Trend series pits two of the top trends of the season against each other to discuss which one is best for a capsule wardrobe, based on the criteria of coordinating with other pieces, wearability and the ability to enjoy the trend for seasons to come.


In this final edition for Spring 2016, the embellished handbag trend takes on the embellished clothing trend. I’m reviewing what I like (and don’t like) about these trends and which one is most likely to be a satisfying capsule wardrobe staple.

Trend VS Trend 1: Ruffles VS Stripes
Trend VS Trend 2: Off-the-Shoulder VS Dramatic Sleeves
Trend VS Trend 3: Lingerie VS Lace

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2 thoughts on “Trend VS Trend: Embellishments on Handbags & Clothing

  1. I’m with you on adding a statement piece to your wardrobe that can be glammed up now, but still utilized later.
    The stickers & embellishments are really unappealing to me. They seem like an added expense for the sake of making your luxury item look like a kids backpack. That being said I do kind of find the tassels & pom clips fun. They remind me of when we were all tying scarves to our handbags in 2005.

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