Best Capsule Wardrobe Trends for Spring 2016: Lingerie VS Lace

This weekend on the channel I pit the lingerie trend against the lace trend to discuss which one is better for most capsule wardrobes.

The Trend VS Trend series evaluates the top trends of Spring 2016 based on the criteria of general wearability, coordination with other items in our closet, and the likelihood of enjoying it season after season.

I want to hear from you! Which trend do like best for your spring capsule?

3 thoughts on “Best Capsule Wardrobe Trends for Spring 2016: Lingerie VS Lace

    1. Hi Wardrobe Stylist,

      I agree. For most of us with traditional work environments or lifestyles, lace plays better in a capsule. One thing I don’t want to do with these videos though is squash creativity or experimentation. To your point, I do believe that more style savvy, creative types may get joy out of experimenting broadly with trends and I totally encourage that too! I also encourage those who don’t identity as “style savvy” to explore. At the same time, I want women to end up with clothes they truly love and want to wear, rather than following trends without passion.

      The key thing I hope people will get from these conversations is simply the questions to ask and things to consider in deciding if the piece is right for you.

      Thanks for commenting!


  1. Definitely agree that lace is better for most wardrobes. It can play into other trends you’ve mentioned, it’s easier to make work appropriate, but can still sexy & fun for evening. It’s just more versatile which seems to be key for capsules!

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