Best Capsule Wardrobe Trend: Off-the-Shoulder VS Dramatic Sleeves

In part two of the spring 2016 Trend VS Trend series, Off-The-Shoulder styles take on Dramatic Sleeves in a battle to determine which is the best choice for most capsule wardrobes.

Which of these top trends of the season scores the most points for general wearability, ability to coordinate well with the other pieces in our closet and likelihood of getting lots of use for seasons to come?

I’m weighing in with my feedback, but I want to hear from you! Which trend are you most likely to try this season? Which one do think most compliments and energizes a streamlined Capsule Wardrobe?

4 thoughts on “Best Capsule Wardrobe Trend: Off-the-Shoulder VS Dramatic Sleeves

  1. Great vid. I love the bishop style, just a more muted version, with a center neck detail. I totally agree about styles being dated quickly, but for a fun piece, I adore the bishop, sheer sleeve. Not a fan of sleeveless…I live in the South, and it looks too cruise-ie. Thank you for this vid. T


    1. Thanks T! You make a great point; one thing I didn’t get into in the video is the more subtle, wearable versions of the dramatic sleeve trend. I’m secretly a fan of many dramatic styles, I just think that, as a generalization, they date themselves quickly and are more difficult to coordinate than off-the-shoulder (not to mention they are hard to layer!)

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. I think I actually prefer the dramatic sleeve, just a little more subtly. It is office appropriate w/o layering. I especially love how the mutton sleeve is a throw back to Balenciaga in the 50s as well as turn of the century style in 1900s. Even further back you have ladies rocking off the shoulders with mutton sleeves! Now that’s a bit much in my opinion. I’ve always liked the off the shoulder, but as far as wearability it just doesn’t work for me personally.

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