Spreading the Sunshine (Award Nomination)

I would like to thank Cassy, of Baubles & Knots, for nominating me for a Sunshine Award! Baubles & Knots is a fun source for personal style and accessorizing inspiration. I especially loved her recent review of the influence of Star Wars on the catwalk. 

The Sunshine Award is a chance to spread love through the blogosphere by honouring other bloggers who’s work inspires us in some way. The idea is to thank the person who nominated you (thank you, Cassy), answer your nominator’s questions, check out the other nominees and create your own questions for those you choose to nominate. 

These are Cassy’s question for me:

  1. Is there a favorite book/movie/band/artist that influences your personal style?

This is such a fun question that I secretly wish I could answer with a super cool indie band or avant garde film, but not since I wore an armful of jelly bracelets as a child have I been able to link my fashion choices directly to an artist. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.58.04 AMI take inspiration in a more general sense from the films of the 40’s and the 70’s. I love the formality of 40’s casual wear; it was the era of waist-defining silhouettes, blazers and trousers for women and high-waisted everything. Clothes had great structure and were tailored to the body.


I also love the 70’s, but specifically the pieces emerging from the era that are recognized as timeless today. The wrap dress, floppy hats, flare pants and shine will always make me happy. 

I specifically saw American Hustle for the wardrobe. I consider Sydney’s style to be an exaggerated, more revealing version of my own. Her wardrobe included several Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, waist-defining looks and wearable glamour. 


2. Do you think it is important to unplug & how do you balance this while participating in a digital world?

Unplugging is important, but I don’t have any magic formula for balance. Having a stressful full-time job, two demanding young children and a passion project is inherently challenging. Sometimes I have to make peace with the chaos, accepting that balance is impossible right now and keep working towards my dreams.

Long walks or runs outdoors are my favourite way to destress and reconnect with nature, but I’m usually listening to music on my iphone when I do it, which I guess that technically disqualifies it as ‘unplugging’!

3. What does style mean to you?

I believe style is a psychological manifestation of our self-image, values and aspirations. Fashion is far from the most important element of our psyches, but it’s one of the easiest to change, and sometimes that alone can be an important catalyst for growth. 

In essence, style is a way to define yourself and set a trajectory for your life. You can energize, motivate and support yourself with clothing. 

That was fun! Thanks again Cassy for the opportunity to participate!  Now to spread the love forward to other bloggers, these are my nominees:

No Need for Mars: Author Danielle provides inspiring tips on how to live a more sustainable, waste-free life. 

Sustainable Daisy: A vibrant, colourful blog offering tips on thrifting and other sustainable ways to celebrate fashion and beauty. 

Baby Steps Going Green: A passionate source of inspo for a more waste-free, clutter-free and quality-focused lifestyle.

Clutterless: Decluttering coach Yuko Henden offers tips for a clutterless life. Currently on the blog she’s offering free, customized decluttering tips by way of a blog post for lucky readers who submit a photo of their clutter!

Joie de vivre: A blog dedicated to making the ordinary extraordinary by way living, eating and dressing every day.

My questions to those who choose to participate:

  1. If you could only wear one type of outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  2. Name one outfit you would love to wear but don’t because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle?
  3. How are your fashion choices influenced by our growing awareness of the environmental/humanitarian price of clothing?

I’m extending these questions to readers as well. Is there something you would just LOVE to wear, but don’t know how to adapt to your lifestyle? What’s your signature look? Does sustainability influence your fashion choices?

6 thoughts on “Spreading the Sunshine (Award Nomination)

  1. I’m the same with unplugging. I like to exercise, but I do listen to music/audiobook/podcast. I’m just trying to not be on multiple devices at once. Unfortunately I can’t seem to sit & watch a movie at home with my family w/o checking pinterest on my phone.
    I can see the American Hustle/40s influence. It has that effortlessly coolness about it while still being very polished.
    Thanks so much for participating. I’ll be checking out your nominees!


  2. congratulations 🙂 and thank you for nominating me. I love your answers and agree with style is a way to define ourselves. Your questions will be fun to answer as well ~Best wishes,, xo


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