How to Dress a Curvy Body

This is my first attempt at a different kind of video, one with a focus on “showing not telling”.  Admittedly, it could be better (the lightening isn’t doing me any favours), but I’m proud of the overall message so I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

In a consumerist, patriarchal culture, I honestly believe that loving our “imperfect” bodies is a radical, pro-woman act (dare I say “feminist”?). This is true whether you’re curvy or thin, as we receive thousands of messages about how our bodies are shame-worthy at an size.

“Loving your body” doesn’t require you to be comfortable playing volleyball in a bikini in front of hundreds of people. It doesn’t mean you post selfies of yourself in lingerie on Facebook.

Loving your body doesn’t mean you disregard weight gain, nor does it prohibit you from exercising and eating well to improve the shape you have.

Loving your body simply means you recognize the miracle of your human form and are grateful for it. It means you embrace and highlight the best parts of your body and appreciate what you’ve got.

The older I get, the more I realize that if you’re lucky enough to live in a free country, have health and be able-bodied, you’ve won the jackpot; we just don’t see that because we’re always comparing ourselves to the 1% of the world who seem to have so much more; never to the vast majority who have so much less*.

To waste that opportunity and kill the joy in life agonizing over soft thighs or a slightly rounded belly is a tragedy – one created for us by a capitalist culture that benefits from our self hate.

Don’t fall for it.

Rebel against it by caring for yourself and dressing your body with pride.

Here’s some quick tips on styling a curvy figure to showcase your best assets:


*It’s not my intent with this statement to depreciate the experience of those in third world countries or with health/accessibility challenges. Every human experience is a miracle worth celebrating. My intent is simply to demonstrate the folly of wasting life energy agonizing over unrealistic body ideals when most of the world’s population struggles with profound challenges.

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