Best Wear-to-Work Winter Trends

Are you inspired by the catwalks but limited to strutting your style along cubicle corridors?

In this series, I’m revealing how to translate winter trends for 9-5 living.

The Cape Coat: Capes are a ready to wear version of the slung-over-shoulder look that street style icons have been showcasing for the last few seasons. Love the chic, effortless look of a draped coat but lack the coordination to pull it off for anything more than a selfie? Consider a cape coat for late fall and early winter.  It’s as chic as a draped coat, but more user friendly.

Source: Pinterest (click image for links)

How to Wear it to Work: This is one trend you can just throw on and go! The cape is a business-appropriate way to bring an avant garde element to your outerwear. Wear it with elbow-length gloves (also trending for fall/winter) and ladylike knee-high boots for a cohesive hot look when the temperature drops. 

The 70’s Trend: The 70’s influence is still going strong from Spring 2015 and elements continue into Spring 16 trends. The decade’s ubiquity offers multi-faceted ways to rock the style, including several office-friendly interpretations.

Corporate types would be wise to bypass the bohemian maxi dress and off-the-shoulder peasant blouse interpretation in favour of Jackie Onassis sophistication.  

Excellent options for the office are:

Flared Dress Pants

Source: Pinterest (click image for links)

How to Wear it To Work: Treat flares as an alternative suiting pant. Pair with a blouse and blazer for an on-trend office look.

A-Line Button Front Suede Skirts: 

Source Pinterest (click image for links)

How to Wear it To Work: Length is key to making this trend office-appropriate. Pass up minis in favour of knee-length styles and you’re ready for a meeting with the company President. Pair with a blouse and pumps for a classic office silhouette or match with a fitted cashmere turtle neck for a casual Friday look with a retro vibe.

Slinky Neck Scarves

Source Pinterest (click for links)

How to Wear it to Work: Just wrap and go. While it adds a touch of dramatic, the skinny scarf is unobtrusive enough to easily mix with any work outfit, from a a blouse and blazer combo to a sheath dress. For those who need more inspo, check out  The Fashion Spot’s tutorial 10 Ways to Tie a Skinny Scarf.

See part 2 of this series.

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