Weekend Wardrobe Challenge – Think Spring

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Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes? My weekly wardrobe challenges help you maximize the style quotient of your current collection without spending a dime. 

“Think Spring”?

I can hear the objections now.

“I still don’t have coat that will get me through first snow fall, I’ve got nothing to wear for the holidays, and this woman wants me to think about shorts and sandals?” 

I get it.  Most of us shop for immediate needs. We’re in a constant game of clothing catch up, never quite possessing what we need to feel sartorially content.

That’s exactly why I’m encouraging you to think long-term.

The Spring 16 fashion weeks are already a distant memory. The trends, colors and aesthetic for the season ahead of us is now common knowledge.

We have the information today to envision what will be in stores in six months and decide how we’ll want to dress. Why not prepare?

How does this challenge help your personal style? 

Signature style is the result of planning. It comes from a deep understanding your personal (albeit ever evolving) aesthetic. It’s the ability to reflect a point of view from outfit to outfit and reflect something about yourself without speaking a word.

Signature style is intentional, crafted and distinct. And it’s available to everyone … with planning.

This challenge will help you in another way as well. 

As discussed in last week’s challenge, the season of consumerism is upon us. As we stroll the malls for gifts for loved ones, we typically end up spending just as much, or more, on ourselves. Black Friday, holiday sales and Boxing Day promotions are irresistible, but an item is only a true bargain if it’s something we would have bought at full price. If you’re dropping your standards or changing your style vision because an item is on sale, the satisfaction will be short lived.

A solid vision of what you want to wear next season is a guiding light through the haze of fashion distractions. If you’re already dreaming about bold colors, flouncy maxis and vivid prints for spring, is picking up another little black dress this season a good investment?

Of course, I wouldn’t challenge you to a style task I wouldn’t do myself.  Here’s my very own Spring 16 inspo.

Working Look Outfit Inspo

This look is all about the silhouette and color. The delicately constructed blouse tucked into high waist trousers and wrapped up with a waist-cinching belt is a reason to go to work!

Work/Play Outfit Inspo

While I’ll take a more subtle approach on this look in the office, I’m inspired by a feminine print blouse tucked into a bold skirt, mashing prints together that don’t quite “match” for a playful, energized look. I love a waist-cinching statement belt. Go Gucci!

Weekend Outfit Inspo

This is 70’s patchwork reinvented as luxury. I adore the bold mix of print, high fitted waist and animal-print lined v-neck. Leave it to DVF to make a dress that makes me feel like royalty while playing with my kids in the park.

What are you dreaming about for spring?

See previous wardrobe challenge.

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