Weekly Wardrobe Challenge – Make a Wish List

working look make a wish list

Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes? My weekly wardrobe challenges help you maximize the style quotient of your current collection without spending a dime. 

With Halloween now behind us, our culture shifts into the season of consumerism. Prepare for Black Friday, holiday specials and Boxing Day blow outs designed to get you to buy loads of stuff.

A great sale can be gift from the fashion gods, making exceptional pieces accessible that would otherwise be out of reach, but few shoppers limit purchases to pieces they’ve been dreaming about for months; most of us get seduced by the sport of shopping in “markdown” season.

Your wardrobe challenge this week is to make a wish list of the pieces you truly desire. 

What pieces would take your wardrobe from great to perfection? What little gems would complete ensembles in a way that’s distinctly you?

Conduct a wardrobe analysis and identify the missing garments and dream pieces that will bring you wardrobe nirvana. Then, make a wish list, be it a written list or Pinterest/Instagram board – whatever works for you.

Keep the list on hand as you peruse the malls and online sales this season. When you feel compelled to make an impulsive buy, evaluate it against your list.

It’s okay to be open to new ideas and the possibility of buying something that’s not on the list, but before you do so, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Does the piece reflect the style vision of your list?
  • Will this purchase be as satisfying as buying an item on your list?
  • Does it provide comparable value and utility as one of your dream items?

If the answers are “yes”, you may have found a true bargain. If you’re not sure, odds are that waiting for an item on your list will bring you more long-term satisfaction.

Want another way to help determine if an item is a good wardrobe investment?  Try this quiz: 

Working Look Wardrobe Investment Quiz Should I Buy IIt?

Previous wardrobe challenge.

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