Weekly Wardrobe Challenge – Analyze Your Halloween Alter Ego

Image by Stacymolugo

Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes? My weekly wardrobe challenges help you maximize the style quotient of your current collection without spending a dime. 

It’s Halloween … and on a Saturday!

To all you young, single, pre-child or highly energetic readers, be sure to make the most of this weekend’s festivities; Halloween won’t land on weekend again until 2020!

Halloween stands out to me as the most unique and subversive of mainstream Western traditions.

In a world were we encourage children to beware of any adult they don’t know, we have a holiday dedicated to taking candy from strangers.

In a time when most people won’t open their door to an unfamiliar face, we fling it open for unidentifiable goblins and demons.

In neighbourhoods where we don’t know the names of our closest neighbours, we become a true community for one night.

The counterculture flavour of Halloween extends into clothing. This holiday is one day of the year we are encouraged to dress outrageously; a rare opportunity to express inner sartorial desires without judgement. Reportedly we’re spending more on Halloween costumes than ever before, with more dollars put towards adult outfits than children’s. Could this reflect a deep unconscious need to break out of our regular wardrobe routine?

Your wardrobe challenge this week is to analyze your costume choice.

What kind of Halloween costumes do you gravitate to? Do you aim for sexy? To show wit? To demonstrate unparalleled creativity?

Even if you no longer dress up, imagine for a moment you were heading out tonight to an opulent Halloween masquerade, perhaps hosted by the Beckhams, and there was no limit to the cost or construction of your costumer.

What would you want to wear?

Reflect on your choice and consider what implications it might have for your day-to-day style.

Do you crave the ornate fabrics of a Victorian ensemble? You may may need a little more luxury or higher quality fabrics in your closet.

Do you celebrate the opportunity to show some skin? It may be time to add more fitted silhouettes to your wardrobe.

Perhaps your Halloween alter ego is a superhero, biker chic or dominatrix. You could be feeling a little mousey in daily life or playing down your strength and assertiveness. Could a lightly studded belt or leather motto jacket help you preserve some of your alter ego’s energy throughout the year?

As you unleash your inner ambitions, desires and demons tonight, don’t forget to take style notes.

Tell me, what are you dressing up as tonight?

See previous wardrobe challenge.

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