#OOTD Stay-At-Home-Mom Weekend Wear


It was a low-key Sunday with the kids today (or at least as low-key as tending to the needs of a one and three year old can be).

My husband got a two hour parenting pass to watch a key rugby match in peace this afternoon (Australia beat Argentina, in case you were dying to know). During his time off, I took my girls to the park and for a walk through the ravine behind our house.

This kind of stay-at-home-mom day (of which I now have precious few), can be quite the style dilemma. On one hand, it seems wasteful to wear out a favourite piece when only your closest family will see it. Further, anything you wear around young children is certain to end up covered in food or stretched out by grabby little hands.

At the same time, you want to avoid slipping into a style comma wearing the same sweatsuit each weekend. As discussed in my Dress Up Your Downtime wardrobe challenge, people simply feel better about themselves when they dress well. We shouldn’t miss out on the cognitive benefits of wearing clothes we feel good about, even when we’re hanging at home with the family.

I try to keep my balance with decent lounge clothes and by putting some effort into my outfit anytime I leave the house, even if I’m only going to be chasing my little ones around the park.

Today’s outfit celebrates a new find, an ultra-feminine Valentino Roma sweater I found yesterday at a consignment store in the neighbouring Town of Oakville. This piece now completes my sustainable Autumn micro-capsule, which I will be posting about later this week (maybe even tonight if my girls sleep at a decent time).

ValentinoSweaterToday I’m pairing the sweater with Paige jeans and a layered Betsy Johnson necklace. It’s the perfect little outfit to feel pulled together while keeping up with this wild thing and her little sister.


 How do you keep the style alive on low-key weekends?

2 thoughts on “#OOTD Stay-At-Home-Mom Weekend Wear

  1. Sadly I fall into the trap you mention of wearing sweatshirts ans sweatpants but I tell myself its okay because I’m 9 months pregnant. I discovered 2 weeks ago roughly that some of my maternity pants no longer fit lol. But I am hoping after I have this baby that I will be motivated to dress nice but still comfy. Thank You for sharing, I have learned a lot from your blog. 🙂


    1. Hi Angelabb32,

      Congrats on the pregnancy – what an exciting time for you! Is this your first?

      While I do believe it’s psychologically beneficial to keep your personal style through pregnancy, you can cut yourself a bit of a break at 9 months! At this point, it’s just a matter of weeks (maybe days) until your shape changes completely; buying new clothes to compliment your current figure is a poor investment.

      Having said that, there are certain items that grow with your changing body and adapt after birth. Stretchy maxi skirts and dresses often work well as do wrap dresses and shirt dresses that let you define the waistline.

      You might want to plan a little “mini capsule” together for life after baby, filled with cute but casual pieces you can wear around the house but still feel like yourself in.

      V-neck shirts and wrap tops are great if you plan on breastfeeding! Long cardigans with leggings or riding pants are a great winter alternative to sweatsuits.

      Having had two babies myself in the last three and a half years, I could chat all day about SAHM clothes! I found it so uplifting to have pieces that, while comfy and machine washable, reminded me that I was more than a human milk machine!

      Best wishes for the exciting journey ahead!

      Love Lesley


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