#OOTD – 3 Tips For Mixing Prints and Patterns at Work

Tweed Jacket and Faux Wrap

Are you attracted to the idea of mixing print, but unsure how to pull it off at the office?

The freedom to mix prints and patterns is such an inspiring fashion movement; one that keeps things interesting by going against the grain of the archaic fashion rules many of us grew up with.

Still, it’s easy to go too far mixing print, especially in a professional environment. In the office, you generally want mixing to be seamless so that the overall effect is coordinated, not loud or avant-garde.

If you want to try mixing print at work but still keep it tame enough that your clothes don’t distract from your performance, consider the following tips:

Make one print a “neutral”: Print basics, such as stripes, herringbone and small polka dots are uniform, easy-on-the-eye prints that you can consider a pattern neutral. This means they will pair nicely with any other print, provided the colours are complimentary. You can also consider a print a neutral if it looks like a solid from a distance, as in the case of pinstripes or a plaid that is comprised of different tones of the same colour.

Use Muted Colors: Tone down the look with subtle shades or low contrast between colours in the patterns. Instead of mixing bright reds, royal blues and yellow, start with more subtle colour combos, like greens and blues.

Start Small: Try mixing prints and patterns in small doses. For example, pair a printed skirt with a patterned scarf. Another great option is to add your second dose of print in your shoes.

My office OOTD is an extremely subtle example of mixing prints and patterns. The blazer is definitely a neutral, as the white and black fabric weave together to create a pattern-like effect. Combined with a small-print dress, the look is simple and office-appropriate, while still offering an interesting alternative to basic suiting.

3 thoughts on “#OOTD – 3 Tips For Mixing Prints and Patterns at Work

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      My singular goal with this blog is to help other women enjoy their wardrobes more. I’m delighted to know a post gave you some ideas.

      I hope you’ll be posting your mixed print work outfit when you put it together!


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