Is a Capsule Wardrobe Right For You?

It’s no secret that I’m a capsule wardrobe enthusiast.

Loosely defined, a capsule wardrobe is a well planned collection of garments that coordinate together and reflect a distinctive style. A single capsule is usually dedicated to a specific sphere of your life, such as career clothes or weekend wear.

Approaching shopping from the capsule perspective ensures money isn’t wasted on garments that don’t compliment your existing wardrobe or lifestyle.

Organizing your closet from the capsule mindset makes it easy to pull outfits together in the morning rush.

What I love most about the concept is that it demands we apply razor sharp precision to every purchase, only picking items that reflect a deep sense of style. In doing so, we become more sustainable shoppers and curate wardrobes we truly love.

While the capsule concept is very flexible (see my previous post on the different approaches), even I can admit it’s not for everyone.

If you live for the adventure of changing your style each season, the capsule approach might not be for you (although you would probably still benefit from mini, seasonal capsules).

Are you intrigued by the capsule wardrobe idea, but aren’t quite sure if you should make the leap? Are you a capsule convert looking for reinforcement?

Either way, this quiz is for you!

Female Black And White Clothes And Shoes

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