Weekly Wardrobe Challenge – Play Dress Up!


Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes?  My weekly wardrobe challenges help you maximize the style quotient of your current collection without spending a dime. 

One of the most compelling arguments of the unforgettable makeover show, What Not to Wear, is that it doesn’t take any more time to put on a flattering outfit than to throw on a frumpy one.   

On the most technical level, the motto is true (not withstanding complicated straps, embellishments and jewelry), but in order to reap the benefits of this ‘equal effort’ logic, you have to invest time upfront to define your style.

If your closet is unorganized and bursting with ill-fitting garments, pulling together a great outfit may in fact be time consuming (not to mention anxiety-producing).  This is why many women are tempted to opt out of the challenge and grab for their comfy sweats (again).  

There’s a secret to making a great outfit as effortless as a plain one. Can you guess what it is? Yep, playing “dress up”, the style secret of fashion’s top icons. 

Your wardrobe challenge this week is to play dress up with your own clothes!

This involves approaching your closet with a fresh and critical eye. Pretend your wardrobe is a neighbourhood boutique and start trying on the inventory. Be as critical (and as open) in your assessments as you would be towards a potential new purchase. 

Since you’re just playing, give yourself permission to let your creativity soar. Experiment with new colour combos, styles and unconventional pairings. 

It’s most important to “dress up” in the garments you haven’t been recently wearing. Are there pieces that should come back into the rotation? Should some of these pieces be permanently discontinued from the boutique?

Take inventory of what clothes most compliment the figure and lifestyle you have today. Make a mental note of what works, remove what doesn’t, and start the next work week with a rock solid understanding of your wardrobe.

Playing dress up is all about putting in the effort today to make dressing effortless on your rushed work day mornings. 

(It’s also really fun!) 

See previous wardrobe challenge.

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