How to Find the REAL Markdowns at Michael Kors Outlets

Outlet malls are on the rise across the United States and Canada – and the ubiquitous Michael Kors store is often their crown jewel, luring people outside city limits with the promise of luxury designer handbags at budget prices.

I recently wrote about how brands create lower quality factory lines for their outlet stores, tricking shoppers into thinking that inventory is greatly discounted premium product. Michael Kors is one of the leading offenders in this common marketing scam.

While I’m not against diffusion lines, I dislike that outlet customers are tricked into buying products of a different quality than what they think they’re getting. It’s a dishonest practice that often leaves customers less satisfied with their purchases in the long run , further compounding the evils of fast fashion.

Michael Kors is especially confusing for consumers as the company has additional diffusion brands. Here’s an overview:

Michael Kors: The original, luxury brand. Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and other retailers sell handbags from this line for approximately $1,000-$1,800 Canadian.

MICHAEL Michael Kors: This is a less expensive diffusion brand. Macy’s, Bloomingdales and others currently sell handbags from this line for approximately $250-$550 Canadian.

Kors by Michael Kors: This is another diffusion line of which Derek Lam, now a prestigious designer in his own right, was once creative director. Kors by Michael Kors is now defunct, but you’ll still find brand items in consignment stores, on ebay and on overstock websites. Prices were comparable to MICHAEL Michael Kors.

In addition, there is merchandise produced specifically for Michael Kors outlet stores (often know as the “factory” line).

Unlike the other diffusion lines, however, outlet merchandise is not transparent about its departure from the premium brands. Handbags and clothing appear to be heavily marked down from their original price; shoppers are led to believe they are scoring premium merchandise at an exceptional discount.

Most items at the outlet mall were designed to be sold at “markdown” pricing

In truth, most inventory at a Michael Kors outlet store was manufactured specifically to be sold there.  In most cases, the “sale” price is the only price the outlet handbag was ever intended to be sold at.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean the products are inferior or low-quality (and they’re certainly not inauthentic), it does mean customers are being manipulated.

You CAN score Michael Kors boutique grade handbags at greatly reduced prices in outlets if you know what to look for. Here’s five tips to find the real deals:

TIP 1: Look for the “honeycomb” logo on the lining.  Boutique handbags feature a logo print on the lining known as the “honeycomb” print. It features the letters “MK” in circles with dotted lines connected the logos. In contrast, the lining of factory bags feature a repeat logo that spells out “Michael KORS” in full. This version is a two-lined logo with “Michael” in smaller letters on the top line and “KORS” in larger letters on the bottom.

The “honeycomb” print

TIP 2:  Look for Post-Production Price Tag Reductions:  Outlet bags are manufactured with two contrasting prices on the price tag.  The price tag notes a “Retail Price” followed by “Our Price”.  In contrast, a genuine markdown is suggested by price tags that have been modified post-production. Sometimes the original price is scratched out in pen with a new price written next to it; other times a sticker is placed over the original price to indicate mark downs.

TIP 3: Ask the sales reps. In my experience, the staff at designer outlet shops are informed and won’t try to deceive you if ask them about the origins of their products. A casual way to broach the subject is simply to ask if they have a section of merchandise that came from the boutiques. Outlet stores generally put the boutique items together, usually in the Clearance section, which brings me to my last tip…

TIP 4: Head to the “Clearance” section. A high proportion of merchandise in Michael Kors outlet’s clearance sections are discontinued or out-of-season products from the boutiques. This method of merchandising is common in other outlets as well, including Coach and Kate Spade.

While these tips will help you distinguish factory products from boutique inventory, it’s important to remember that what makes a handbag or garment the right piece for you isn’t tied to brand. If you find a factory piece that looks amazing on you, is good quality and fills a wardrobe gap, than its the right piece for you. Just don’t let misleading markdowns skew your judgement!

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10 thoughts on “How to Find the REAL Markdowns at Michael Kors Outlets

  1. I was recently at the Michael Kors outlet and noticed that all the logos on their bags were the circle and MK not Michael Kors spelled out. I asked the salesperson and she said that they were specifically branded that way for the outlet. That is another way to tell the difference.


      1. Will Michael Kors offical website sell factory bags? Since not every bag on the website has “honeycomb” logo on the lining, some of bags just have repeated “MK” on the lining.
        I found out that Kate spade officel website has a small portion of mechandise are actually MFF, which style # start with “w”. So I am wondering if Michael Kors does the same thing like kate spade.


  2. This information is outdated and now false. Michael Kors outlet product is the exact same quality and made with the exact same materials and in the same place! The lining claim no longer applies as the lining is different in many outlet and full price bags and in some cases the same. Outlet product originally had Michael kors spelled out and now it does again. In some cases the product is tested in the outlets first because of the high traffic and then distributed to the full price stores if it does well. Also, the honeycomb print inside is outdated now, it now either says Mk in block letters or Michael Kors spelled out, both of which are found in both outlet bags and full price bags. In fact, for many companies the outlet stores hold the company together and make the most profit.


    1. Thanks for the comments. I totally agree that outlet bags are genuine Coach bags. I tried to be clear that a Factory bag is very different from a “fake” bag.

      Regarding your tip that outlet bags no longer have the distinguishing features listed in the post … you could be right. I will have to stop in to the Toronto Premium Outlet location to get caught up on the current status.

      One prevailing tip for readers that will never go out of date is to simply ask the sales staff which bags in the outlet are boutique bags. I have always found outlet staff be gracious and transparent about sharing this info, which is something I appreciate about the Coach brand.

      Thanks for sharing your insights.


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