Weekly Wardrobe Challenge – Polish to Perfection

Designer clothes hanger in a row

Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes?  My weekly wardrobe challenges help you maximize the style quotient of your current collection without spending a dime. 

Great personal style is all about the details.  You can be decked out in the latest designer pieces, but if the clothes don’t fit right, your style will fair to impress.

Similarly, neglected details like loose threads, missing buttons, hems that are the wrong length or unpolished shoes, all undermine your visual presence and personal style.

Your wardrobe challenge this week is to polish to perfection! 

This involves investigating your closet for garments that need a little TLC.  I recommend challenging yourself to hunt down a minimum of three pieces that would benefit from some polishing.  Perhaps your favourite pumps need new stiletto tips.  Maybe a loose button needs to be secured.

This challenge could be a simple as polishing a few pairs of shoes!

Review your closet for the not-so-fine details that undermine your style.  Make the time to polish up your pieces and you’ll enjoy your garments so much more!

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