#OOTD – The Dress That Adapted to My Environment


It was 30+ degrees in my city yesterday.  I took it as a last opportunity to wear this summer dress before packing it up for the long winter ahead.

Canada is know around the world as a cold climate, when in fact my southern region would be better understood as a climate of extremes.  Prone to high humidity, we have many summer days in the mid-thirties (Celsius) with high humidity that equates to 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our coldest day this year (March 1, 2015) was -25.5 C, with a wind chill that neared -40 C.

A woman’s wardrobe in this climate is about more than fashion; it’s about survival.  It takes multiple wardrobes to get through the year, making a streamlined or minimalist closet more challenging.

My solution is to remove all my distinctly summer pieces from my main closet when the season ends.  It’s a waste of time and mental energy to visually sort through inapplicable garments when coordinating outfits.  I highly recommend editing your closet each season.

This dress is one of BCBG‘s classic Adele wrap dresses (they put out vibrant new prints in this style each season).  I had the sleeves tailored from bracelet length to short sleeve and have worn it so much more so since doing so.  With the bright coral accents, I always considered this a dress reserved for hot weather festivities, yet I was trepidatious about wearing it in the heat because the long-sleeves, comprised of synthetic fabric, are a formula for sticky, sweaty underarms.

Here’s me in the original version.  Don’t I look sticky and agitated?


For my summer wardrobe needs, the short-sleeve version is a big improvement!

Taking an underused gem in your closet and altering it to improve its utility is one of the most sustainable things you can do to improve your style.  Check out this wardrobe challenge for more on refurbishing your faves!

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