Curating My Sustainable 5-Piece Fall Wardrobe


This season, I’ve committed to only adding five pieces to wardrobe.  It’s a personal wardrobe challenge to further refine my sense of style and become a more sustainable consumer.

One would think that limiting your clothes consumption to five pieces would make shopping a breeze, but instead I’m labouring intensely over every decision, ruthlessly strategizing which pieces will bring just the right je ne sais quoi to my existing wardrobe.

With only five pieces to work with, there’s no room for filler. Every piece must be magic.

One of my personal shopping rules this season was to make at least three of my purchases consignment.

Have you heard of The Real Real?  It’s a luxury consignment store with an impressive inventory of designer items.  I do believe that better deals can be found on ebay and other direct from owner sites, but when buying pre-loved merchandise, it’s important to me to know that a reliable vendor inspects and authenticates everything; I’m neither brave enough or trusting enough to buy designer pieces any other way.  I also love the way the website organizes inventory; you can do very tailored searches to find exactly what you need.  The downside is, with the Canadian dollar being so low, and taxes/duties so high, the attractive sticker price is somewhat of a false bait for Canadian shoppers.

International buying woes aside, my first experience buying from the store was very positive (see Jimmy Choo shoes here and Prada dress here), so it was high on my list of stores to check out for my micro wardrobe needs this fall.

My favourite thing about consignment shopping is that it makes it possible to experience high end brands that would not otherwise be accessible to me.

At the moment I’m crushing on Etro.  This Italian brand stands out to me for vivacious, almost ornate prints (the brand is synonymous with paisley, in particular).  A recent article describes the fall collection as “a mega glam take on the boho chic trend.”  I think the clothes have a creative elegance about them.

Etro pieces also lend themselves to mixing prints, something I want to do more of.

It’s too soon to say if Etro will knock Diane von Fürstenberg out of the number one spot on my designer list, but it just might.  I feel my classic feminine aesthetic evolving into territory that’s just a bit louder; slightly less refined and more artistic.

Here’s a few looks from Etro’s recent collections next to two Etro shirts I just purchased from The Real Real.  I think the shirts I purchased capture the mood I like about the brand in a manner that will translate easily into my career wardrobe.


Etro Brown Floral

EtroSpringLook2 EtroPreFall1

Etro While Silk Blouse

My third purchase is this gorgeous Just Cavali  top which shares a similar vibe to the Etro looks.  What can I say, I guess I’m a burgeoning bohemian glamazon this season.

Just Cavalli Top

My items have shipped and are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Here’s hoping they live up to my expectations and make the cut for my five piece fall wardrobe!

2 thoughts on “Curating My Sustainable 5-Piece Fall Wardrobe

  1. I’ve never heard of this site until now, but it looks like it’s about to become a problem in my life 🙂 I think committing to five pieces is a good idea, maybe that would be an easier way for me to ease into it before trying to 33 pieces idea.


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