#OOTD My Pre-Loved Prada Dress


This office look is all about simple sophistication.

The dress and belt are both Prada, purchased from an online consignment store.  This piece, along with my first pair of Jimmy Choo’s (also shown here) were my first ever consignment clothing purchase.  I have long adored pre-loved handbags, but pre-owned clothing is something I’ve just begun to explore.

Funny story about the dress: I bought it on final sale for about $65 U.S. dollars plus shipping and duties.  A bargain (or so I thought).  It turned out that, while tight around the chest and arms, there was far too much fabric around the waist, which may have been the intended style, but it didn’t work for my body.  I took the dress to the Stitch It tailors at my local mall to get an estimate on alterations.

Carefully examining my body in this pre-loved Prada dress, the tailor recommended taking four inches off the waist and enlarging the arm holes.  Cost of alterations = $64.   Not such a bargain.

As I stood on the shop pedestal,  scrutinizing my Prada-adorned reflection in the mirror, highly exposed to anyone passing by the massive shop window, I tried to decide what an Earth-loving minimalist with  impeccable personal style would do in this situation.  With the exception of sunglasses, I’ve never owned anything by Prada before and a high quality black dress makes great wardrobe workhorse.  On the other hand, I didn’t want to find myself $64 further in the hole with OOTDSept9V2a dress that still might not work for my body.

Not wanting to throw good money after bad, I decided to sleep on the decision, changing back into my street clothes, and crossing the mall corridor to my beloved Wine Rack.

Wine Rack cashier: “Was that you trying on the black dress across the way?”

Me: “Err, yeah.  Did I flash you? Sorry”

Wine Rack cashier: “That dress is absolutely stunning!  You looked incredible.  I would LOVE to be able to wear a dress like that!”

Me: “Are you an undercover agent for Stitch It?”

After satisfying myself that the cashier didn’t get a commission on referral alterations,  I walked back across the corridor and threw my hard-earned money down for the alterations.

Heck, it’s not that often strangers get that excited about my outfit.  Usually I have to get naked to get someone that excited (on a good day).

I’ve only worn this dress a couple of times to date, but expect it will play a big role in my fall capsule.  It’s worn here with a blazer by Planet and point toe shoes by Guess.

See previous outfit of the day.

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