A Mod Moment #OOTH

Mod MomentToday was another scorcher in the Greater Toronto Area.  Hot as it may be, I know it’s summer’s last seduction before a long, hard winter, so I’m pulling out all my summer outfits for a final hoorah.

This wear-to-work look is inspired by the retro trend of the moment.


I bought this dress from Le Chateau more than three years ago, partly because I’ve always been attracted to the 60’s stewardess mod look, and partly because it was the very first dress I tried on after giving birth to my eldest daughter and I couldn’t resist any outfit with a waist.  There is also great coral piping lining the pockets; a small detail that totally won me over.

I played up the retro vibe of this outfit with oversized Burberry sunglasses and a vintage Nina Ricci handbag.

Nina Ricci Purse

Have you heard the news? High bling hair accessories are having a hot moment this fall. While I’m not big on following trends (I think fashion trends should inspire and refresh our sense of style, not dictate it), I jump on any excuse to style my hair like a third grader (mostly because it matches my level of hairdressing skill).

Hair Bling

Point toe nude Jimmy Choo pumps keep the outfit from looking a Mad Men costume fresh and modern.  I bought these consignment from The Real Real and was thrilled with their great condition and comfortable fit.  I keep these babies in my file cabinet and work and wear them often.


Do you ever go retro at work?

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