Weekly Wardrobe Challenge: Refurbish a Fave!

Fashion clothes hangers on a hanger
Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes?  My weekly wardrobe challenges help you maximize the style quotient of your current collection without spending a dime. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve become slightly obsessed in recent weeks with the idea of building a more sustainable wardrobe; so much so that I have committed to buying just five new garments for the entire fall/winter season.

So how will I keep that lovin feeling alive for my wardrobe if I can only add five new pieces for the rest of the year?  By following the same advice I’m about to give to you:

Your style challenge this week is to refurbish something you already own! 

By “refurbish” I mean to polish up, tailor or repair.

Have “almost perfect” jeans that are just a tad to long?  This is the week to finally get them hemmed.

Can’t ever find the right occasion for a long-sleeved, summer-print dress?  Have it altered into a breezy short-sleeved or sleeveless number.

Holding onto a designer handbag with a busted latch? Now’s the time to order replacement hardware.

The goal is to take a diamond in the rough and make it shine.  This will improve your style in two ways:  Firstly, it reduces the clutter in your wardrobe by transitioning a piece from the back bench to the starting lineup.

Secondly, altering a garment specifically for your current shape and wardrobe needs is key to mastering that style “it factor”.  For most of us, tailoring clothes is the closest we’ll ever get to bespoke clothing.  Take advantage of a great tailor, jeweller or cobbler to get that perfect-fit, signature style look!

Happy refurbishing!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wardrobe Challenge: Refurbish a Fave!

  1. Those are amazing points. If I may self-promote for a better sustainable fashionable future; I create reversible pocket squares made from repurposed fabric which give you the option to wear them on either side or both sides at once. It’s a gives you a 2 in 1 classic accessory that never goes out of style. It’s sustainable on your wallet and the environment. I know it’s traditionally worn by men but women can very well accessorize a bland jacket or shirt with a reversible pocket square adding a touch of colour simply by pinning it to their top or adding magnets to it. If you’re interested on finding out more, you can check it out in my shop section on my website or on my etsy shop at etsy.com/pairingpaisleys.


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