Weekly Wardrobe Challenge – Dress Up Your Down Time

Fashion clothes hangers on a hanger

Want to enhance your style without buying new clothes? My weekly wardrobe challenge will help you make the most of your current collection to improve your style without spending a dime! 

Do you make an effort to look put-together when you leave the house but change into fraying sweats or pyjamas as soon as you get home?

Psychology studies demonstrate that people feel better about themselves and experience increased confidence when they dress well.  This principle is just as valid in your living room as it is in the office. 

You don’t have to keep your business suit on while lounging in front of the television, but you should consider how comfortable your “comfy” clothes are really making you feel about yourself. 

Do you feel frumpy, run-down or unmotivated around the house? Your clothes might have something to do with it. 

This week, I challenge you step up your lounge clothes game.  A soft maxi dress is just as comfortable as pyjamas but will have a completely different impact on your self esteem. 

Make an effort this week to dress up your down time and see how much better you feel! 

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wardrobe Challenge – Dress Up Your Down Time

  1. This is so true. I actually translated this idea into my workout gear. I found as soon as I invested in cuter workout clothes, I became more motivated to work out.


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