How to Justify a Wardrobe “Splurge”

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.37.28 PMEveryone has their own sartorial obsessions; Diane von Furstenberg clothing is mine.  When I embraced the principle of buying less but buying better, DVF garments became the leading brand in my newly streamlined, career-focused wardrobe.

I admit, I’m obsessed with the DVF wrap dress.  It is at once aspirational and completely wearable; high quality yet incredibly comfortable.  It’s equal parts flirty-feminine and woman-in-charge.

Slipping on a DVF dress instantly lifts my spirits.  While I could hunt down comparable dresses for less money, I know that a DVF wrap is a solid wardrobe splurge.  Here’s why:

  • It’s always in style: The wrap dress debuted in the early 70’s and has been going strong ever since.  No matter what the season or trend of the day, you will always look chic in a high quality wrap.
  • It always fit: Identify the right fit for your shoulders and chest and you’ve got a garment that pretty much fits for life as the self tie feature will accommodate weight fluctuations.  I wore one through an entire pregnancy.
  • It’s easy career wear: In all but the most formal offices, a wrap dress is a work-appropriate outfit in a single garment.  It’s easy, looks great and is one of the few garments that’s still comfortable after sitting at my desk for eight hours.

While a DVF purchase is slightly indulgent for my budget, the value I get from them is measured and practical.  I would rather buy one great dress that brings me joy for years, than buy two or three lesser quality dresses that lose their allure within the season.

Every career woman deserves an inspirational garment that provides the same utility and joy for her that a DVF wrap does for me.  If you’re lusting after a high end item, but unsure if it’s a solid wardrobe investment, use these five principles of investment dressing.

Do you have a work wardrobe indulgence?  Please share – I want to know about it!

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