Weekend Wardrobe Challenge – Mix it Up!

Fashion clothes hangers on a hangerWant to enhance your style without buying new clothes?  My weekly wardrobe challenges help you make the most of your current collection.  Take the challenge to maximize your style without spending a dime! 

Your challenge this week: Create two new outfits 

Most women get in the habit of coordinating the same outfits together time after time.  While this helps us get ready fast and spares us the decision fatigue of coordinating a new ensemble each morning, this routine stops us from looking at our clothing with new eyes.

Often we think we need new clothes to refresh our image, when we really just need a fresh perspective.

This week, create two new outfits from garments already in your wardrobe.  Start by pulling different separates from your closet and lying them on your bed.  This act alone takes your clothing out the context in which you’re used to seeing them.  Next, place garments next to each other to explore new combinations.  Narrow your work down to a few options and then try on the entire outfit.

Resist the temptation to play it safe.  Switching out a white shirt for a cream shirt is not going to radicalize your outfit.  Try mixing colors and prints in new ways to see if you have any overlooked any power combinations that have been hiding before your eyes.

Strive to create two new ensembles and wear them out this week.  An unexpected new combo can be even more thrilling than buying new clothes. 

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