Too Many Clothes; Not Enough Style: How Fast Fashion Derails Your Image

Why do women struggle with style despite owning an abundance of clothing?

It’s because we’ve been conditioned by a ‘fast fashion’, trend-cashing world.  We’re encouraged to bargain hunt, shop impulsively and have fleeting love affairs with disposable clothing. 

Clothing is cheap and abundant.  We can pick up a new outfit at our local grocery store for less than the cost of our dinner.  Our email inbox floods with promotional offers compelling us to “shop now” and not “miss” great savings. 

Shopping is our cultural pass time.  Bargain hunting is a national sport.  We shop for entertainment, for a psychological lift and for the boasting rights of a bargain. Sometimes the clothes we buy are a symbolic escape from our current reality.   

Clothing DOES have psychologically uplifting transformative powers, but self treatment through fashion is only effective when purchases address our true wardrobe and lifestyle needs.  

Another example of wasteful emotional shopping is gravitating to a “great sale” even when the garment is a poor choice for us.  

We are encouraged to shop for the sake of shopping, with little regard for what we already own.  As a result, many women have closets bulging with low-quality, poorly thought out items.  Although the garments have been hand-picked them from a near infinite variety of options, they bring their owners little joy.  Some pieces never get worn at all; they are forever saved for a hypothetical occasion or body weight that never arrives.

The modern woman struggles with an abundance of clothes but a shortage of pleasing outfits.  How can she break free from the cycle of over-purchasing underwhelming clothes?

One solution is the well-planned capsule wardrobe.  Another option is to carefully cultivate a signature look and stick to it.  When applied to your professional image, I call this a working look.

Want more solutions to common stye pitfalls in a fast fashion world?  Stay tuned for my next post. Whether your a ‘clothes hoarder’ or someone who keeps buying different versions of the same piece, I’ll diagnose your style impediment and prescribe the solution.

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