Why You’ll Dress Better with Less Clothes

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In my recent post, I introduced the capsule wardrobe as a solution to the challenge of deciding “what to wear” each morning and discussed the possibility that this may even help you perform better at your job.

Today I’m going to talk about how a streamlined capsule of relatively few items actually helps you dress better. 

A “capsule” is a pre-planned collection of garments designed for one specific facet of your lifestyle (such as work).  Garments are selected for their ability to coordinate together so that you can mix and match nearly every top, bottom and layering piece. 

A general principle of the capsule philosophy is to buy less, but buy better.  By “better” I mean using great discretion as to only choose garments that look amazing on you. 

Despite our cultures’ “two for one” and “fast fashion” mentality, there is no advantage to having a closet bulging with clothes.  Most people dress better when they have fewer, but higher quality and better organized, garments.  The goal is to be thrilled with, and look amazing in, every precious item in your closet.  In contrast, most women today are drowning in piles of cheap clothing they barely even like.

A streamlined capsule wardrobe offers the following benefits:

  • Maximizes the wearability of each individual piece
  • Offers a variety of outfits without the need to buy and store many clothes
  • Makes it possible to stay on budget while investing in higher quality garments
  • Saves money by reducing impulsive, inferior purchasing
  • Allows you to be intimately familiar with every item in your wardrobe, thus knowing exactly what you have, how to wear it and how a new piece you’re considering buying will work with your existing wardrobe
  • Helps you master a signature look

Given the world perceives us one outfit at a time, and there’s no image bonus points for having a stuffed closet back at home, doesn’t it make sense to buy less but buy better?

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